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These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things: Cogwheel Game, Rain Stick, T-Rex, Dump Truck, Rainbow Building Blocks, Lion, Pagoda Marble Game, Farm Puzzle

Charlotte, NC (November 14, 2022) -- Lions, dinos and games, oh my! The holidays just got a little sweeter for American children as German toymaker goki comes stateside with a US-based warehouse brimming with marvelous wooden toys. Roar with delight with Lion ($17.89) or Tyrannosaurus Rex ($16.79) or marvel at the Pagoda marble game ($29.79). To narrow things down from its Holiday 2022 toy catalog that runs 160 pages long (!) goki reveals its favorite Top 12 wooden toys to order now from Amazon or at specialty toy and neighborhood gift stores. Prices start at just $9.99!

The goki brand has evolved into specialty categories to help parents and grandparents choose the perfect toy for every age and stage. Two sweet toys from goki baby made the Top 12 list -- Soother chain heart ($9.99) and Touch ring elastic rainbow ball ($12.59). goki nature has a Dump Truck ($97.59) that’s perfect for a wow gift under the tree or for that first night gift at Hanukkah.

From goki evolution are two wooden toys for hands-on fun -- Building bricks, Four seasons ($94.50) and Rainbow building blocks ($75.00). This category focuses on toys that require touch, perception and manipulation. Each wooden set boasts colorful stimuli for kids to experiment, joyfully!

Beloved HOLZTIGER brand has two of the Top 12 toys to add to any gift list -- wilderness Lion and dino favorite Tyrannosaurus Rex. And five toys made the goki brand Top 12 list including -- Cogwheel game ($11.99), Rain stick ($21.99), Farm IV, lift out puzzle ($10.49), Vehicles with horn ($89.99) and Pagoda marble game.

What’s a goki?
The toy company “goki” is short for Gollnest and Kiesel. In 1981, Gerhard Gollnest and Fritz-Rüdiger Kiesel founded what is now the largest toy company in northern Germany. Four decades later American families no longer need a pocket full of euros or a passport to relish the incredible selection of artisan wooden toys from sustainable, European forestry.

“We endeavor to manufacture as many products as possible in a recyclable way,” explains Marcel Martel, Goki America Inc. President. “We have set ourselves the ambitious and unique goal of banning the four plastics PVC, PU, ABS and PS from all our toys and replacing them with environmentally friendly alternatives. Our brands goki and HOLZTIGER are synonymous with qualitative growth in every respect: We have planted 400,000 trees to date. We cannot know who will use them one day, but we hope they will do so in our spirit.”

The Holiday 2022 TOP 12 toys are listed below by brand. For more descriptions, visit their website:

goki - Cogwheel game • $11.99 • Ages 3+
Being a cog in the wheel is a good thing when tots attempt to put together this puzzling (but easy) colorful wooden cogwheel. Toymaker goki tells us only when the big blue wheel is cranked does it become clear whether the plan has worked - are all the wheels turning?

goki - Rain stick • $21.99 • Ages 1+
Pick up this 13.5-inch wonder and tilt it a little to the left, then a little to the right. Little ones will hear the gentle pattern of rain -- but will never get wet!

goki - Farm IV, lift out puzzle • $10.49 • Ages 1+
We’re not sure if this is Old McDonald’s farm but we see a scarecrow and a rooster and a pig. Chubby little fingers will handle things just fine with these extra-large knobs. The lift-out puzzle is perfect for first time puzzlers.

goki - Vehicles with horn • $7.99 each • Ages 1+
What’s better than one wooden car to zoom-zoom-zoom on the floor? How about three colorful cars with wheels that go round and round. Press the colorful top button in green or red or yellow and wait for it … beep beep! Hear the horn?

goki – Pagoda marble game • $29.79 • Ages 3+
Talk about posh – a game of marbles never looked so stylish. Start at the top and watch the marble gracefully fall down, down, down. Toymaker goki made sure the click and clack of the marble tumbling made a pleasant sound to little ears!

goki baby - Soother chain heart • $9.99
How sweet is this? The heart chain can be clipped to baby's clothes, so the pacifier doesn't get lost and keeps little ones, well, pacified! Safety tested.

goki baby - Touch ring elastic rainbow ball • $12.59
Toymaker goki knows touch rings are indispensable for a baby's hands and development. They trigger the grip reflex and promote hand coordination. The touch and feel of the smooth wooden balls transmit sensations which help baby discover all new things!

goki nature - Dump Truck • $97.59 • Ages 3+
This gorgeous two-tone wooden truck will appeal to big boys (hello Dad!) and as well as toddlers. Make pretend to be on a construction site and fill up then dump the contents on the bedroom floor.

goki evolution - Building bricks, Four seasons • $94.50 • Ages 2+
Summer, winter, spring or fall, kids love to play with building bricks. They are indispensable for the development of elementary skills. This pretty set comes in a wooden box full of 25 pieces. How do you color winter?

goki evolution – Rainbow building blocks • $75.00 • Ages 2+
What can a toddler do with eleven pieces of the rainbow? Stock ‘em, swirl them, spread them in a row? There’s no right or wrong way to explore and play with a rainbow. Next teach them about ROY G. BIV to remember red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

HOLZTIGER – Lion • $17.89 • Ages 3+
For many years now, the HOLZTIGER figures have stood for play value and very high quality "Made in Europe". They are individually handcrafted out of maple and beech wood and are beautiful to see and handle.

HOLZTIGER - Tyrannosaurus Rex • $16.79 • Ages 3+
Kids are fascinated with dinos and surprisingly can say their names, even when five syllables long! This green t-rex might look scary, but kids will just smile when they unwrap this wooden cutie.

About goki
The award-winning and leading toy company from Germany is now available in the Unites States! Goki America is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and hosts its warehousing in Charlotte, NC here the shelves are brimming with well-known and high-quality brands goki, HOLZTIGER and goki baby. Also new for American consumers is a US product line which includes a new tractor, farm puzzles and mare. The goki tradition of creating high-quality, sustainable and eco-friendly products remains its highest priority to a new American audience.

By Marcel Martel


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