goki stands for responsible, high-quality wooden toys. Lovingly designed, they provide play value suitable for children aged 1 to 8. The European wood used for the products comes from sustainable forestry and is fashioned using water-based paints.

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gokiMusical Instruments

Bell stick with 13 bells

The perfect equipment to make music together. Enhances the sense of rhythm and concentration.
gokiRole Play

Doll's carry cradle including lining,mattress,pillow,quilt

For when the doll has to go along. Practical doll's carry-cot complete with bedding. Suitable for dolls up to 52 centimeters.

Kubb, Vikings game, in a cotton bag

Play chess like the Vikings! For this outdoor version a lot of skill is needed in order to knock over the Kubbs of the enemy and then you can try...