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gokiOutdoor Toys

Flower press, spring meadow

Hurray, the fall is here. The flower press with a handy screw closure made of wood and cardboard insert makes it easy to press flowers and leaves on paper.
MSRP $18.25
gokiOutdoor Toys

Flower decor stick Stork with baby cloth

An eye-catcher - a stork in your front garden. It is the ideal present on childbirth.
MSRP $31.95
gokiOutdoor Toys

Compass spider

Always on the right course - for explorers and globetrotters. ⌀ 2 in
MSRP $3.95
gokiOutdoor Toys

Hoopla game with 6 sisal rings

Skill, a good eye and a little luck are the indispensable requirements for this absolutely family-friendly game, which can be played again and again, and anywhere. This variant, manufactured in...
MSRP $26.95
gokiOutdoor Toys

Kubb, Vikings game, in a cotton bag

Play chess like the Vikings! For this outdoor version a lot of skill is needed in order to knock over the Kubbs of the enemy and then you can try...
MSRP $69.50