goki stands for responsible, high-quality wooden toys. Lovingly designed, they provide play value suitable for children aged 1 to 8. The European wood used for the products comes from sustainable forestry and is fashioned using water-based paints.

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Early Educationgoki

Bead maze

The bead frame helps develop motor skills. This one has 3 different skills.

Feel-a-pair memo game - in a cotton bag

From 32 different wooden pieces you have to find 2 with the identical surface. If they feel the same you can look at then. A different kind of memory which...
Early Educationfeatured-products

Clock, learn to tell the time

Learn the time through play! You can set the time exactly to the minute in this 24 hour clock.

Hammer bench

What fun it is! With precise hammer strokes, you can countersink the wooden blocks. Afterwards, you can just flip the bench and the fun can start again.

Learn to count with wooden rings

Distinguish colours and shapes, sort them accordingly and learn to count until 5 by doing so.

Stacking man Nimo, magnetic

Nimo, the stacking tower with the funny face and the happy colours. An aesthetic enjoyment for the development of motor skills. Small magnets keep Nimo together.

Sort colours

It all starts by distinguishing and sorting colours and shapes.

Stacking man Nalo

Can you already sort rings from large to small? Because of the rounded bottom, the tower moves back and forth and complicates the whole thing. This task does not only...

Stacking tower I

Can you stack the elements of the tower in the right way? This tower is ideal to learn to recognise and allocate shapes.

Workbench including storage box

Everything that a handyman needs to be able to do - to hammer, to screw and to turn. If you flip the workbench, it becomes a portable tool box.
Early Educationgoki

Colour assorting board

The various dots flowers, squares and stars dots have to be positioned according to the model. This is not that easy because the dots have to be moved to a...

Hammer bench and ball track

2 in 1! A knock ball game on one side and a ball track on the other side.
Early Educationgoki

The great cogwheel game

Everything's turning, everything's moving. The direction is determined by the child and if everything is arranged correctly, then everything actually happens as planned. The shifting and driving of cogwheels has...

Stacking tower

Stacking fosters coordination and motor skills. Children learn to sort by size. They find the feel of the solid wood extremely pleasant. The consistently coordinated colouring (water-based glaze) has a...
gokiRole Play

Dress-up magnet game, boy

Dress up or disguise?! The magnetic dress-up game has endless possibilities. An astronaut with snorkel and mask - no problem, it all fits together. The craziest characters can be created....

Magnet game Create your world

106-piece creative magnetic game! The large number of magnetic laying parts ensures largely freely creative playing. Anyone wanting to familiarise themselves with the possibilities offered by the game can use...
Blocks / Building Blocksgoki

Building blocks

With these 100 building blocks you can create different scenes. In a practical box for easy storage.

Sort Box, vehicles

Where do the different forms fit? The sort box trains the fine motor skills and shape recognition.

Sort box Who eats what?

The simple motto of this shape sort box is: "Who eats what?" Its implementation is demonstrated by the obvious appreciation of all children who are starting to explore their environment...

Puzzle game, Kubus

The aim of the game is to position the dice according to the model. This promotes the cognition of forms and colours.

Mosaic puzzle, 1001 nights

A little town, a big tower and lots of different buildings are possible. Shalimar satisfies the aesthetic claims in a special dimension. It is a building set, a tile game...
Early Educationgoki

Calculate sticks, glazed

For most people, getting into the world of addition and subtraction is anything but easy. At first, the abstract world of the numbers appears to be enigmatic and incomprehensible. With...
Blocks / Building Blocksgoki

Building blocks Rainbow

The 57 wooden building blocks in the colours of the rainbow with a block grid dimension of 3 centimetres are a real visual and tactile highlight.
Early Educationgoki

Picture book, elephant, house, locomotive

Tell your own stories with the very first picture book.