goki stands for responsible, high-quality wooden toys. Lovingly designed, they provide play value suitable for children aged 1 to 8. The European wood used for the products comes from sustainable forestry and is fashioned using water-based paints.

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Backgammon game

Fun for the whole family. The well known Backgammon in a practical wooden folding box.
MSRP $37.50

Flying dwarfs

Let your dwarves jump with the seesaw into the right openings - and score points. Whoever has the most points wins the game! Skill is required here: distances and the...
MSRP $28.50
Dolls World + Pretend Playgoki


The mixer in the modern doll's kitchen design is not only a pleasure to behold, it also impresses with its everyday, child-friendly usability.
MSRP $34.75

Magic rattlesnake

How does it work? If you fold the head with your thumb and index finger, a little tile rattles down the snake. Enhances motor skills and logical thinking.
MSRP $6.50

Magnifying glass with a carabiner

Lets take a good look at this through the magnifying glass. Ideal for little hands. Made of sturdy wood with a big karabiner. Attached to your belt, the magnifying glass...
MSRP $12.75

Top assortment II

The fast, long lasting rotations of the spinning top impress all children and fix their gaze. It also enhances the motor skills.
MSRP $1.50

Yo-Yo colourful rings

Yo-yos enhance the dexterity and concentration of the children.
MSRP $2.95

Magnifying box

The disadvantage of many insects is the fact that they are so small. Children should learn to approach these creatures at first with curiosity and then with respect. Through the...
MSRP $4.95
gokiMusical Toys

Xylophone with 5 tunes

Pleasant sound! Undoubtedly one of the main arguments in favour of this wooden xylophone. In addition, this sound toy made of solid wood also impresses with its attractive design and...
MSRP $22.50
gokiMusical Toys

Thumb piano, ladybird

You play the Kalimba with both hands using the fingernails of the thumb and the pointer finger.
MSRP $41.95

Rain stick

A little tilt of the stick is enough and you hear the gentle patter of the rain.
MSRP $21.95
gokiMusical Toys


The coloured keys help to learn the first tones.
MSRP $33.75
gokiMusical Toys

Pair of maracas

The perfect equipment to make music together. Promotes concentration and the feeling of rhythm .
MSRP $17.75
gokiMusical Toys

Tambourine with bells

The perfect equipment to make music together. Trains the sense of rhythm and motor skills.
MSRP $11.95
gokiMusical Toys


In no time the drum is put on and ready to beat. Trains the sense of rhythm and motor skills.
MSRP $39.95
gokiMusical Toys

Maracas ladybird

The perfect equipment to make music together. Enhances the sense of rhythm and concentration.
MSRP $17.50

Small cotton bags

High-quality cotton bags. Whether as a carrier bag for the grocery store, as a gift bag for birthday guests or as decorative, reusable gift packaging - these junior goki bags...
MSRP $2.45
gokiMusical Toys

Music boxes with melodies (12 per Display - 3 assorted)

From grandparents time. When you turn the handle of the metal box with the shepherd plays „Oh du lieber Augustin“, the box with the circus „London bridge“ and the box...
MSRP $13.50
gokiLearning Toys

Mini bead maze

The bead frame helps develop motor skills.
MSRP $4.75
gokiLearning Toys

Picture book locomotive, lion,..., goki basic.

Tell your own stories with the very first picture book.
MSRP $5.50
gokiLearning Toys

Bead maze

The bead frame helps develop motor skills. This one has 3 different skills.
MSRP $26.50
gokiMemory Games

Feel-a-pair memo game - in a cotton bag

From 32 different wooden pieces you have to find 2 with the identical surface. If they feel the same you can look at then. A different kind of memory which...
MSRP $47.50
gokiLearning Toys

Clock, learn to tell the time

Learn the time through play! You can set the time exactly to the minute in this 24 hour clock.
MSRP $8.95
gokiShaper Sorters & Stacking Toys

Learn to count with wooden rings

Distinguish colours and shapes, sort them accordingly and learn to count until 5 by doing so.
MSRP $14.95